Behavioural Safety

At Full Circle Safety, we hold the motto ‘training culture – changing culture’ deep in our inner core. We believe that training and educating people about safety is no longer enough and that the real changes begin to occur when both the managers and employees alike begin to think together and unify in supporting a company’s safety structure.

What is Behavioural Safety?

In companies today, organizational behaviour management, or OBM for short, forms the backbone of implementing the company’s strategy and achieving the company’s goals. With any organizational culture comes the need for the unification of the top-level executives’ goals and the factory floor members of staff who keep the business running on a day to day business. Behavioural safety helps to generate this unification by sharing the idea of safety across all levels of staff, causing people to not only consider their own measures of safety, but also the safety measures of their colleagues, their managers, even their CEO.

What can FCS do for you?

Behavioural Safety analysis begins with an overall analysis of the safety culture in current existence within your organization. It begins by looking at the way the staff interact with safety – and with each other – in order to create a safe, positive working environment. Full Circle Safety can then provide an evidence based plan using the initial analysis as its foundation which details how new safety procedures may be implemented, encapsulating all of its stakeholders and generating a new company culture focused on aligning the company’s goals with its safety policies, be they legislative or simply working towards the positive development of the organization.